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I'd rather be playing with balls...

Transplanted from Atlanta, now miles from manhattan in jersey. working too much, not sleeping enough. uh yeah read the journal.

My journal, for the most part, is friends only. if you ask nicely, i'll add you :)
80's music, 90s music, adbusters, aim, alcohol, almost famous, american beauty, ani difranco, aquabats, atlanta, backpacking, barbecue, barbeque, bars, basement jaxx, beer, being lazy, ben folds, ben folds five, ben harper, ben kweller, better than ezra, bob dylan, books, bowling, caffeine, catcher in the rye, chasing amy, chocolate, coca-cola, coffee, coffeehouses, coldplay, computers, concerts, counting crows, daft punk, damien rice, dating, digital photography, dispatch, dj shadow, drinking, elliot smith, explodingdog, flaming lips, flirting, food, football, fountains of wayne, free, french, friends, geeks, georgia, georgia state university, guster, history, hot hot heat, howie day, ice cream, improv, indie rock, innovox, instant messaging, intelligence, ireland, jack johnson, james dean, jd salinger, jeff buckley, jersey city, john cusack, josh rouse, jude law, kevin smith, kevin spacey, krispy creme, lattes, leonard cohen, libraries, little five points, margaritas, massive attack, matt nathanson, men, mexican food, miles davis, money, morphine, motorcycles, movies, music, nerds, new york city, nick drake, norah jones, oasis, online dating, oolong tea, paul westerberg, pete yorn, photography, photoshop, pinback, pink floyd, poetry, portishead, pulp fiction, punk rock, quentin tarantino, radiohead, reading, richard ashcroft, rufus wainwright, running, ryan adams, sarcasm, saturday night live, saves the day, sex, sex and the city, sigur ros, something corporate, starbucks, steak 'n shake, sweet tea, target, that 70s show, the beatles, the cure, the daily show, the matrix, the onion, thinking, travel, tv, urban outfitters, van gogh, van morrison, velvet underground, vortex, web design, weezer, whiskeytown, wine, wine brats, writing