I'll meet you on the other side, I'll meet you in the light.

If only I don't suffocate.

I'll meet you in the morning when you wake.

I'm having a good day today. I talked with Tanya last night and she told me the whole story about how Jason proposed and i was all teary eyed the whole time. God, it just made me so happy. Then she asked me to be in her wedding. Normally this would be a pain, but when you know its such a good thing its the best feeling in the world to be asked. She's going to pick the color and we can wear whatever dresses we want. I get to be by her side. Which is swell.

Only catch is the wedding will be in Cleveland where Jason's family is. Fine by me. It's a shorter flight. I'm really truly happy for her.

I hope this sort of thing happens to all my friends. They all deserve it. And it proves that with time we will all end up ok.

I have another exam in less than 48 hours. If my half ass cheat sheet works. I'm going to start popping these bad boys out left and right. By spring the only book i'll be reading in central park better not have the word microsoft anywhere on it.

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
Trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
But everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same

I couldn't have said it better.
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    Keane - It's official I love them.

Stand up and shout!

Stand up for Democracy

I'm normally not one to be all political and shit, but the fact that theater owners are getting death threats for thinking about showing this movie just proves how violent and stupid Bush supporters are. Hello? Freedom of speech. 1st ammendment!!!!

If I had the money I'd see it 100 times.

Go. Sign up. Watch. Learn. Open up your mind.

Or at least give it a listen.


i thought i could live forever here on my own
it seemed things were so much better out here alone
a lonely dreamer, a nonbeliever, now
i'm living in the moment with the friends i love
i knew i could feel more power living life without love
so i spent my days and hours looking for heaven above
the only thing that i found was my feet on the ground, so
i'm living in the moment with the friends i love
money, why do you say what you say, you don't mean it
money, why do you say what you say, you don't mean it, you don't mean it
some say we'll all be rewarded when we reach the end
and all our lives will be recorded and replayed again
one day it hit me, this ain't a movie, now
i'm living in the moment with the friends i love